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Binding Tape

  • 2 Sided Decorative Tape

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    2 Sided Decorative Tape

    2 sided decorative tape : Introduction: Paper tissue is coated with strong acrylic adhesive on both sides. Bonds well to most surfaces and materials. Excellent for splicing and attaching applications. Super tack adhesive grade is available. Hot melt, acrylic adhesive for...Read More

  • Double Back Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape

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    Double Back Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape

    double back pressure sensitive adhesive tape Introduction: Double back pressure sensitive adhesive tape (Also named Double sided tissue tape) is made of tissue paper both side coated with, hot melt, acrylic emulsion or solvent acrylic based adhesives and laminated with double...Read More

  • 2 Way Tape

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    2 Way Tape

    2 way tape Introduction: Solvent acrylic adhesive. use non-woven tissue as carrier, coated with solvent acrylic adhesive on both sides, and protected with white color double-sided PE coated silicone release paper. Suitable for general bonding, mounting & fixing purposes....Read More

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