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Two Cargo Ships Collided In Guangzhou Nansha Port, No Casualties
Jan 28, 2019

The reporter learned from the Guangzhou Maritime Search and Rescue Center that at about 12:20 on 26th Dec,2018, the Haikou-owned container ship “Renjian 15” from Qingdao entered the port of Nansha Port while preparing to berth the Nansha Port terminal. It was suspected that the ship was out of control and was docked at Nansha Port. The Haikou container ship of the third phase of the container terminal collided with “Sea Speed 10”. The accident resulted in the damage of the starboard hull of the “Sea Speed 10” ship and the inflow of water. The 16 containers on the ship were damaged; the “Renjian 15” ship’s starboard water There is damage above the line. The accident did not cause casualties or cause pollution in the waters.

After the law enforcement officers of the Nansha Maritime Division rushed to the scene, they had carried out emergency rescue operations on the damaged “Sea Speed 10” round below the waterline according to the scene.

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