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Self adhesive tape
Mar 14, 2018

Its usefulness is determined by its material. Self-adhesive tape is called "self-adhesive" because the molecules of the tape itself can self-couple with the molecules of the adhesive, so that the two items are firmly bonded together, eliminating the trouble of getting into dust and water. Therefore, its fitting effect will be longer. It has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, airtightness, watertightness, insulation and corrosion resistance. The tape itself also has good ductility, can fit well on uneven surfaces, and is a good helper for home and industrial use.

Can be used for sealing, wire insulation, cable connectors, electrical maintenance, automotive, shipbuilding and other aspects. At present, some building materials manufacturers will provide self-adhesive tapes of various functions, sizes, and specifications according to the needs of customers. Consumers can select or require tailor-made products according to their needs.

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