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Acrylic Tape

Acrylic tape: (Also named double side acrylic foam tape) Introduction: Acrylic tape is made of solvent acrylic adhesive and laminated with paper release liner or film release liner Features: With the features of waterproof, shock absorption, heat-resistant, sound insulation, weather-resistant,...
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Acrylic tape

(Also named double side acrylic foam tape)

Introduction: Acrylic tapeis made of solvent acrylic adhesive and laminated with paper release liner or film release liner

Features: With the features of waterproof, shock absorption, heat-resistant, sound insulation, weather-resistant, ease to die-cut. Acrylic tape is designed to provide very high bond strength on a variety of substrates. Used to replace mechanical fasteners in appliance, automotive, signs, graphics, glass curtain wall attachment and other manufacturing applications.

Main Usage:

In glass curtain wall application, acrylic tape offers a strong adhesion and achieves perfect sealing results. In such construction technology, the tape is used for the purpose of heat/water/air insulating and sealing, jointing and bonding, repairing, marking ect. In the process of assembling light industry, acrylic tape offers high bonding and fixing strength to electronic parts, LED plate ect. In automotive industry, acrylic tape is widely used for insetting strips on vehicles, bumpers, nameplates, internal and external decorations ect. It’s the best substitute of 3M products.

Spec :
Available color: clear

Jombo roll: Width 800 mm or 900 mm
Length: 33 meters
Thickness: 0.05 mm- 2 mm
Slit roll: Width/length available upon your request
Packaging Detail: Standard package for export

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(1) Please try a sample and make sure the tape is suitable for the application before use it. Must put release material between finished rolls in case the tapes will stick together, don’t use shrink film to pack the tapes.

(2) Customers who buy the jumbo rolls should stop the re-winding and slitting once find that there has quality problem with the jumbo. Contact BROADYA right away. If customers re-wind/cut the problematic jumbo into log/finished rolls, BROADYA will not response to make any indemnity.

(3) Ideal tape application temperature is 18 to 25 Celsius.

(4) Firm application pressure helps develop better adhesive contact and improves bond strength, the bonding surfaces must be clean, dry and well unified. Seal completely when not use the tape, avoid exposing the tape in the sunlight.

(5) Expiry date:

Original packaging, 22℃ & 50% humidity, 12 months after production date. If product is not kept under such temperature and humidity, jumbo/log rolls should be finished within four months, finished rolls should be finished within one month.

(6) All BROADYA products are strictly inspected before sent to customers, but the applications might be different between different customers, there may exist factors which are beyond BROADYA’s knowledge and control, so customers should check the quality of every order before use the tape. If customers use the product without inspection, they must be responsible for the potential quality problems and economic loss. If the BROADYA product is proved to be defective, the exclusive remedy, at BROADYA’s option, shall be to refund the purchase price of or replace the problematic product.

Who we are

We have produced adhesive tapes for 15 years. We own a dozen of machines, which are used in the process of coating, rewinding, cutting, the tapes. Our range of products comprises approximately one hundred items, consisting of double sided tissue tape, double sided film tape, two-sided foam tape, and several kinds of tapes for special purposes. Our modern equipment for the production of adhesive tape allows us to respond to the various needs of customers in terms of length and width of the final product, as well as in terms of branding the product in accordance with the requirements of customers.

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